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2nd Trimester - Baby Update!

Well this pregnancy is flying by! The second trimester snuck up on me faster than I’d like to admit. I’m sixteen weeks pregnant now with baby number two. I still don’t know if baby is a boy or a girl, but we will know soon at the twenty week appointment. My initial guess is a boy.

When I was pregnant with Pearl each week felt like an eternity. I’m guessing being SO sick was probably a huge contributor to that. This time I’ve had very little symptoms. Very little nausea, some headaches, a few dizzy moments, and mostly just tired. I consider myself lucky this go around compared to last time.

Being pregnant during a pandemic feels a little surreal. As of right now my husband still cannot come to appointments, but he will potentially be allowed during the delivery. It’s so wild to me, since he didn’t miss a single appointment during my first pregnancy. There are some minor differences now too. There is no one asking me when I’m due or how I’m feeling, like they did when I was working and going out in public during my first pregnancy. Part of me actually prefers that aspect, but I’m also realizing now that time is flying and I need to get crackin’ on the nursery!

Planning a celestial themed nursery, with a starry accent wall behind the crib area. In my mind it looks super cute, so I hope it will translate well to real life too. Having two babies this close together is great because so many items they can both use without needing two, but at the same time so many items I will need seconds of since Pearl is still using hers. I am glad I had the foresight to get a stroller that can hold a toddler seat and the infant bucket seat at the same time! One less thing to figure out now.

It is a little daunting thinking about having two babies under two years old. With one still very much figuring everything out, and not walking yet, teething, etc. and a new fresh babe on the way I am not even sure how we will all get down the stairs in the morning. My husband is currently working from home since March, which would be a huge help come February... but I’m also hoping this is all over by February and some normalcy has resumed. Only time will tell.

For now, just counting the days until my 20 week appointment and continuing to hope for the best. I thought I felt a tiny flutter the other night that could have been a kick but not one hundred percent sure yet. Pearl’s kicks were like karate kicks so I’m imagining I’ll know it when I feel one!

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