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A Tour of the Pearl Girl's Nursery

Updated: May 20, 2020

I spent a lot of time day dreaming about my baby. Nine whole months in fact! I had a lot of questions too. What would she be like? What would she look like? What else do I need before she gets here? How should I make her nursery look?

I wanted her nursery to be a beautiful, peaceful, and cozy space. I knew we would be spending a lot of time in there together since I planned on breastfeeding, and wanted it to be a fun, clean space for her to enjoy as she got older and could play with toys too.

The first thing I actually selected was her bedding! I went with Little Unicorn's Watercolor Roses for the pattern. We have the fitted muslin crib sheet for her crib, a muslin changing pad cover, and muslin quilt for later in life. We follow the ABC's of safe sleep in our house. This means baby should be alone, and on her back in her crib (or bassinet) so no blanket in her crib with her, but of course I had to use it in the photos. I have been so pleased with the quality of Little Unicorn products, and you can usually find really cute prints in the sale section too. We have several swaddles from LU as well and they are SO incredibly soft. Once Pearl outgrew swaddling, we started using them as a stroller cover while out on walks when the sun was too bright or in her car seat as a blanket to keep her warm. They even make great backgrounds for monthly milestone photos.

For her nursery furniture, I wanted something simple but with a little personality. The collection we chose was the Delta Farmhouse collection from Target, in textured white. The crib is amazing and converts into a toddler bed later, and even a full size bed! She can use this sleep space for the foreseeable future which is awesome if you are creating a nursery space on a budget. The dresser has a changing top, which can be removed later in life. The drawers are spacious and I was even able to fit drawer organizers in them, which I'll be making a more detailed post about later! We also have the nightstand and the bookcase, which is great for storing toys, books, and other smaller items.

The rocker I chose is the Baby Relax Zoe tufted rocker, also ordered from Target. I waited to order this until they had a deal, if you ordered $200+ in nursery furniture you got a $50 Target gift card which I knew we would definitely be able to use! The key things I was looking for in a rocker was the look of the rocker, comfort level, and most importantly it needed to have a high enough back that both my husband and I could comfortably sit in with our heads supported. I saw so many reviews online for different rockers that said the backs were too low, so I knew to avoid that! My husband was able to paint the legs of the chair white to match the rest of the furniture in the room, for a more cohesive look.

Some of my favorite details in Pearl's nursery are these pom pom storage bins from Pehr. They will be great for holding toys as she gets bigger, and I even use one of the smaller bins for blanket storage. I also use the larger Pehr pom pom hamper for her clothes and laundry.

I made these Little Golden Books fabric banners for her baby shower, and repurposed them as nursery decor later.

Pearl is just about four months old now, so we've had some time to actually use this space and I have found it both functional, beautiful, and easy to keep tidy with proper organization tools. I am sure as she grows, and as her toys and clothes accumulate, it won't always be this easy but for now I am glad it is. It is easily our favorite room in the house!

Here is a list of resources for our nursery decor:

^ This style has been sold out for months so here is a similar chair from Wayfair.

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