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DIY “Mama & Mini” Denim Jackets

I’m not going to make you all read my life story before we get into the fun project! In my opinion there’s nothing worse than trying to look up a recipe or a project and you have to scroll through a million paragraphs and ads to get to the actual steps. I love denim jackets and when I got one for Pearl I thought about how cute it would be if I personalized them to match... so here we go!


1) The first thing I did was create my “stencil” using some of my favorite fonts on my phone to create. I’m going to upload a few stencils (including one for dad too) I’ve made that you can use at the bottom of this blog so feel free to scroll all the way down for the printable images. I recommend printing landscape.

2) I cut my fabric scrap to be slightly larger than a sheet of paper. If you don't have fabric you could even use an old button down shirt or a bandana for your fabric. I cut a piece of heat bond material (leave it attached to the backing for now) to be slightly smaller than the fabric piece. You don’t want it to be exposed at all / hanging over on the edges because then you’ll end up with glue all over your iron. 0/10 stars, do not recommend. Iron your fabric to be nice and smooth first, then put it on top of the heat bond and iron the two together. You want the adhesive side to be touching the fabric, and the paper side to be facing the ironing board.

3) The next step is to cut out your letters. I used the negative space later to trace the letters onto the paper backing on the fabric. You could skip this step if you have a pencil. You can shade the paper, and then trace it to transfer it onto the paper backing. I didn't have a pencil handy so I made a stencil to trace.

4) Once I carefully cut out my letters, I flipped it over so I could begin tracing. The reason for flipping was so my letters wouldn't be backwards in the end. You'd want the patterned side of the fabric facing the correct way on the letters!

5) Then I carefully traced the letters. Doesn't have to be totally perfect, but make sure to trace out the small inner parts of the letters like the inside of the letter A.

6) Cut your two words out from each other. Then you can cut out each individual letter. I used fabric scissors so they were extra sharp and my letters could be very crisp.

7) Go ahead and peel off the paper backing on the letters. You can gently arrange them onto the jackets where you want them, fabric side up, and adhesive side down.

8) Using the iron, I gently pressed each letter on. Once I had them in place, I used the iron over and over to make sure they were completely hot and pressed on. I let it cool and then pressed it again. Check out Pearl's cute legs over there!!! She was hanging out on her play mat nearby. Luckily Pearl isn't too mobile yet and can't come over to the iron.

9) Once all the letters are on, let them cool. They should be completely set in place.

10) This last step is optional, but I think it adds a little more security and a cute "homemade" look. I used embroidery thread to stitch along each letter.

That's it! You're done! If you decide to make these, please take some photos and tag me in them on Instagram @ashleyeringunn because I would LOVE to see your creations. Hope you had fun making these and enjoy your adorable jackets.

XO, Ashley


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