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My Faves: APRIL 2020

One thing I wanted to start sharing in addition to my regular blog posts, are lists of my monthly favorite things! I may even start sharing a list of favs for baby too. These will probably be a little bit of everything- from beauty to homewares.

1) The cutest welcome mat, linked in a smaller size, and larger size!

2) My all time favorite jeans, with the perfect fit.

3) The best mascara I’ve tried in a long time. Hands down.

4) These face pads came as a recommendation from Bri Matisse (who did my wedding makeup!!!) and they have changed the way my skin looks. Even my makeup sits on my skin so much better!

5) The cutest mama necklace.

6) My current nail polish obsession. Especially a great find since we can’t go to the salon right now!!! My fav is this white polish which is activated as a gel polish with the top coat (no special light needed).

7) All about positive reminders right now. Even on a cute coffee mug!

8) Slip on sneakers that are ready for SPRING!

9) Its no secret I love anything from Tarte... including this blush. 10) Three words. Insulated. Wine. Tumbler. I have two and use them almost every day. (OK I use them every day. Don’t judge me.) Here's a link to a two pack. Give one to a friend. They need one too.

You can view my complete list as well as other favorites on my LIKEtoKNOW.it page!


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