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My Faves: JULY 2020

I may have taken June off from blogging, but I'm back to share with you my favorites for the month of July. This is probably my most "all over the place" list yet, but we've been home for months so frankly my faves are a little all over the place. With everything from cozy slippers to moisturizers, let us dive in!

1) Supergoop Glow Screen - If I know I'm going to be outside at all, I use this as my moisturizer as well as my SPF. It has SPF 40! If I"m going to be in the pool I make sure to reapply after a few hours, looks great by itself too, but I've even worn it under makeup as well. Love the GLOW it gives me, and the sun protection is a great bonus.

2) Woven Straw Handbag - I've had this bag for almost two years now and it still looks brand new. It is a little bit on the larger side, and also holds a SURPRISING amount of stuff. I love the fun beachy look too - makes me feel very "summery" when I'm using it.

3) Insulated Glitter Cup - Anyone else have a mild obsession with reusable plastic cups? I strongly dislike single use plastic and have been trying to cut it out where I can. I drink a ton of water, especially while pregnant. I always have water cups around. I have a couple different glittery products from this brand and it makes drinking water semi fun!

4) Tea Drops - Have you tried Tea Drops yet? I'm obsessed. These are little fun shaped tea drops that you add to water, and they are slightly sweetened. Tea Drops also sells ones that are unsweetened if that is more your jam. This little sampler set is just a great starting point to see if you even like their flavors! Comes in a really cute wooden box that I've saved and will be reusing for other things. Makes a great gift too! Tea Drops has also partnered with Thirst Project to get clean water to those who need it.

5) Comfy Fuzzy Slippers - I know it's July, but don't act like you haven't been living in your pajamas. Okay, maybe that is just me. These are so cute and SUPER comfortable. I went from being super hot and sweaty for so many months postpartum, to suddenly I'm pregnant and freezing. I have to have warm slippers nearby! Make sure you check the size chart before ordering on these ones.

6) Chom Chom Roller - I told you this list is all over the place. I've had the chom chom roller for two years and I'm obsessed. If you have an animal that sheds or a couch that attracts lint, this one is for you. Bulleit is part border collie and part beagle and his fur is on everything. I hated how wasteful lint rollers were. They create SO much trash. The chom chom roller is reusable! It has little bristles that pick up the fur or lint and a little compartment inside the handle to hold the fur. Then you pop open the compartment and viola! I love this if I don't have time to bust the vacuum out for the couches or if my pants need a quick roll over! It's a little on the expensive side compared to a lint roller ($24) but you only have to buy it once instead of multiple lint rollers.

7) The Most Comfy Platform Sandal - I know I keep posting about these. I can't stop. I have them in the mustard color and they are my go to shoe right now. You can even wear these if you aren't normally a "heels" person. I look like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time in a pair of heels but these shoes are SO comfy, and I can still do #momlife activities in them, so it's a win win. They come in brown as well as the mustard color you probably saw me share on Instagram/LTK.it! (These fit true to size in my opinion.)

8) Hair Straightener - I may or may not have been using the same hair straightener I've had since high school. I graduated high school in 2007 so you can do the math there. I finally took the plunge and ordered a new one. I liked this one because it was actually cute as well as functional. Came with a glove to protect your hand, as well as hair clips to use while you're styling- all for under $30. Great price point and I've used it to both straighten AND curl my hair. Love it! Next I just need to find a new hair dryer... if you have a good recommendation leave it in the comments!

9) 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment - This stuff makes my hair feel amazing. A little goes a really long way too. I spray it on after a shower and comb it through my hair with my fingers. Helps my hair stay soft and untangled, plus it smells heavenly.

10) Handmade Soap Bar - A little shameless self promotion since my husband makes this soap, but I can honestly say his soap is my FAV. I was never a bar soap girl before we met, and now I'm hooked. Lathers up so good too! Great for washing hands, I've even washed dishes with the bar, and I've actually stopped buying shaving cream too and only use the bar soap to shave now- which is helping me with my quest to create less waste. The one I linked here is the patchouli and dragon blood bar, but there are tons of other ones to choose from in his shop (and plenty without patchouli if that isn't your jam).

11) Star Photo Banner - If you're like me and have a BILLION photos on your camera roll, but can't bring yourself to frame them, having a little banner that you can change out photos all the time is a great way to display different memories throughout the year. It has little clips so you can change out the photos whenever you want, and the stars come in gold or silver.

12) Pure Joy Bible Reading Plan & Journal - This one isn't for everyone I'm sure but I've had a few people ask me about the different Bible studies I've posted. This was actually the very first one I ever did and I really really recommend it. It is JOY centered which I feel is so important right now during this time of darkness and even depression for some. It has a verse for you to read, and an area for journaling. It has prompts to talk about what you are grateful for and to help you "cultivate a happy heart". I loved this one and it really helped me focus on positivity and brought God's word back into my daily life. Super affordable too!

13) The Cutest Tevas - I had to link my new Teva sandals for you guys! True to size and so comfortable. Perfect for summer. If you've never worn Tevas you are missing out!

14) TULA Super Soothe Moisturizer - I recently posted about this one in my Instagram stories (you can see it under my SKINCARE highlight)! It has aloe and oatmeal in it so it is super calming on your skin. I actually used it the day after I got a little too much sun and it took the redness right out of my face. I was amazed! I use this one as my daily moisturizer. Works great under makeup or by itself. Use my code ASHGUNN for 15% off TULA products! Don't pay full price!

15) Colourpop Highlighter - You may already know but I love Colourpop products. They are so affordable and look stunning on. This highligher is $8!!! It was actually the very first Colourpop product I ever ordered, and is still one of my all time favorites. The shade is "Wisp".

That's all for now- and don't forget to let me know if you have a good hair dryer recommendation below in the comments!

P.S. You can view all my fav finds and shop all my looks over on my LIKEtoKNOW.it!   

FYI: This post contains affiliate links, which I may earn commission off of at no additional cost to you.

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