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My Faves: MAY 2020

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

A new month and a new list of favorites!

1) One of my all time favorite style jeans. And they’ve been having some AMAZING sales lately!!!

2) Obsessed with this new brand of nail polish after seeing it all over!! Perfect shades for spring.

3) Love wrap style dresses for spring and summer! Especially floral ones.

4) This is the face cleanser I’ve been using that I was raving about on Insta! Does a great job cleansing but is still gentle enough for everyday use. Perfect for sensitive skin too.

5) Obsessed with using this face cleansing brush too! I use this twice a day with the cleanser I listed above! You’ll want to make sure you change the brush head out every six months.

6) This thigh rescue product was recommended to me after I mentioned having trouble with my thighs rubbing under dresses. It is a life saver!!! Or thigh saver!! 😘

7) I’ve been really into jewelry that is simple yet meaningful. Love this “grateful” bracelet. Nothing like a tiny reminder on your wrist to see throughout the day.

8) Love this tie dye dress. The pink tie dye I have is sold out but it still comes in lots of colors and keeps going on sale!! Order your normal size for a loose fit, or size down for a more fitted look. You could even rock a bump in this dress.

9) A cute spring and summer friendly tote. Can be dressed up or down, or even taken to the beach. Love the blush color accent.

10) The perfect summer sandal. Such a versatile style too!

11) Electric wine opener. I’m not joking. This thing changed my life. 😅 It’s been getting a lot of use during quarantine. Enough said!

12) The softest most comfortable body suit I’ve ever owned. Your boobs will DEFINITELY shown off in this, but hey, mine are always out and about anyways since I’m still breastfeeding. I love wearing this with a skirt or high waisted pants. VERY stretchy too!

13) Never needed dry shampoo until I became a mom. Just started using this brand and so far I love it! Great for those days in between washes.

14) I’m probably going to post my new favorite vans every month. My fav shoe! Love this color for spring and summer.

You can shop this full post on my LIKEtoKNOW.it. Hope you liked these! I’m thinking of making a baby favorites list too. Let me know what else you’d like to see. Hope everyone is staying happy and healthy out there.

XO, Ashley

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