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Why We Made the Switch to Nest Diapers

Before I had Pearl I think I had only heard of two brands of diapers, and honestly it seemed like everyone had an opinion about what brand we should be using and which one was the best. We tried at least four brands before landing on Nest Diapers, and each one we had some sort of issue with- blow outs, irritating her skin, poor fit, etc.

I came across Nest Diapers after I began my 2020 goal of living a more intentional lifestyle, and making better product choices. I think becoming a mother really propelled me into this new goal. I want to make sure I'm always making the best possible choices for Pearl. I'm not some kind of "perfect parent" but I want to make sure I'm always trying, and making informed decisions with her in mind. I wasn't ready to commit to cloth diapering, but I was having a really hard time wrapping my head around all these disposable diapers we were using. I needed to find something that was still easily disposable, but was more eco-friendly. I was searching for brands that "checked all the boxes" for me, and Nest really stood out. Not only does Nest totally get it because they're a family based company- but they were totally transparent about what goes into their diapers.

Pearl has super sensitive skin, which has become especially apparent in these colder months. Almost anything these days will irritate her skin. The number one irritant it seems is anything with fragrance in it. I love that Nest diapers are made without any fragrance or lotions. They are made without harmful chemicals and the best part is they are actually a plant based diaper! Yep- you read that right. Diapers made from plant based renewable materials and compostable. So not only are they safe for baby, but they reduce the long term impact disposable diapers have on the environment. They have a full break down of what it means for these diapers to be compostable, and more information on commercial composting on their website.

Nest gifted us a case of their size three plant-based diapers in the beginning of February and I honestly am in love with the quality of these diapers. As far as absorbency and durability goes- these diapers are a total win. Pearl sleeps through the night (amazing, right?) and we needed a diaper that is super absorbent and also not going to leak through her pjs. Nest diapers do the trick in that department. They also have the urine sensitive strip that changes from yellow to blue when wet, which makes it super convenient to know when to change the diaper! The waist band is super stretchy, which allows for a more custom fit. Pearl is very long and lanky, so we've had a hard time finding diapers that fit in the thigh but also could get tight enough around the waist. I was relieved to see that Nest had a wide range around the waist that it could fit! Plus, the design on the landing strip for the waist fasteners is totally adorable. The diapers themselves are super soft to the touch and have a nice "cushion" to them.

Nest makes five different sizes of diapers, ranging from 6 to 27 lbs. They even make training pants that go up to 40 lbs. Ordering is super easy and user friendly on their site. You can order a sample, a bag, or even a case from them directly, as well as find a list of stockists both online and in person. Nest offers free shipping on cases, which is an amazing deal. They're even making their way into grocery stores, available in California at Erewhon Market, and starting mid March you'll even be able to find them at select Meijer stores in the midwest.

I'd give these diapers an 11/10 if that is an option and I think Pearl would too. So happy to partner with this brand and to be able to share how much I love them with you all. I like to keep it real on my blog and Instagram. I only want to post about products and companies I actually use, love, and support- and we are super proud to use Nest Diapers in our house!

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